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CT-C.H.E.E.R. is the acronym standing for “Connecticut Cooperative of Home Educators East of the River.” It is an independent, unaffiliated, member-driven group that includes many homeschool families from many towns, simply networking and disseminating homeschool information. Our group is not-for-profit, and we are not run by a Board of Directors. We are motivated by our common, shared vision of helping other homeschoolers, and the desire to work together harmoniously, to achieve that goal. We bring to the group, many years of parenting, as well as homeschool experience.

Our primary mission is to focus on disseminating homeschool information and support to current and prospective homeschool families that reside east of the CT river. We provide the opportunity to bring people together to expand our families' horizons, in a collaborative, informal manner. We are a group of people with diverse homeschool philosophies & experience, but with a common vision: volunteers who are supporting one another, sharing information, and reaching out to new homeschoolers as a labor of love and understanding of a new homeschooler's process. We intend to fill the need to keep ongoing, current homeschool information available to others who are looking for, and need the information, as a community service. We offer resources and support for prospective homeschoolers, and in additioin, membership for current homeschoolers.

Membership is for current homeschoolers who reside east of the CT river. That's our "service area", so to speak. Membership ties you into our events & support services. This includes annual events such as: Homeschool Support and Information Nights, Educational Resources, Science Fairs, National and International Fairs, Parents’ Night Out, Pinewood Derby, Family Dance Night, Valentine's Day Potluck Party, December Holiday Celebrations, Support Group Meetings, Used Curriculum Fairs (and more). Members will receive a membership card. This card will give you access to educator discounts at many stores and museums, around the state and the country. There is no fee for membership, though donations are greatly appreciated.

Membership also ties you into our myriad of fun activities via our active Event Calendar. These activities vary from structured learning opportunities, to casual, social get-togethers. A sampling of our ongoing activities include: Beach Days; Ski Trips, and Park Days. Also bowling, Book Discussion Groups, Chess Clubs, Origami Making, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Game Days, Craft Days, assorted workshops and classes, and a wide variety of field trips & community events, planned by our members,throughout the state.

Our website is the hub of our online communication. It offers support information to prospective, new homeschoolers, as well as members. New homeschoolers will be particularly interested in the website pages titled, *HOW TO BEGIN* and the *CATALOGS* page. Our website also features a Message Board, Photo Gallery, Bookstore, and other information that is particulary relative to homeschooling east of the CT river. You may request membership in CT C.H.E.E.R. by completing the online form on our *JOIN CT CHEER* webpage.

If you are interested in homeschooling and you live in our service area - east of the CT River, and want to receive information on homeschooling, please email the "info@" link at the top of this page. We don't respond to spam emails, though we do receive them despite the fact that we request that you refrain from sending them.

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